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Audrey's quite picky for a girl who has been living in a loft for a year.

Four flats rejected. She's trying to get me to find a proper townhouse, I'm sure of it.
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I don't even know what the fuck to say.
School went from boring to a nightmare in two seconds flat.
At least Dagan's gone postal at people.

This is the dumbest shit in the world.
Oh yeah it makes sense to say that no one in my family ages.
Whatever. People are stupid and will get over it. Surely no one is going to buy into this shit.

Because if they do then we're properly fucked.
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I really think this must be an April Fool's joke.
I really hate April Fool's.

No, this has nothing to do with having two brothers in law now.
I rather expected that.
Mum's a bit miffed, though.
I still don't see how it's legal.
Whatever. That has nothing to do with this. Although I wish there was cake.

This is fucking weird.
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My great grandmum is going to turn my sister into a slut.
This is the best holiday ever.

Everyone's having a shouting match in her room.
I don't think it has anything to do with my sister because she's with Mum and the twins.
But I'm going to have a listen.
And so is Avery.

This is just so everyone knows I'm not operating alone.
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Life is really different right now.
But it's nice.
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My head's cold.
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The ballet is a good place to meet girls.

I went to see Bess in the Nutcracker this evening.
I think this means I can be on Santa's nice list.
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Don't tell mum I told you but when she rang me this weekend she started crying all over the place and I don't really want to be in England anymore.
Oh well. Someone has to be here I guess. I bet if we don't have at least one person on England at any given point the whole family explodes.

Hols are soon at least.
Oh yeah and someone wrote fag on my door.

Just another day in the life of me. I can't even be arsed to clean it off.
It gives me character. The dame's in a strop over it but whatever.
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Life's great!
Except for how everything's shit but whatever.
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School is difficult to do when one is not at school, which is kind of obvious but who cares.
According to the paps, Mum left Jack and kicked him out of the house and is seeking sole custody of the twins.
They must be way ahead or something because when Mum phoned yesterday, she forced me to talk to the twins before my step dad took them outside.
The twins who are two months old and don't give a fuck about my voice.

But oh yeah it was nice to see a current picture of them in the tabloids, anyway.
They're looking a little blurry as they get older but whatever.

I am going to walk before I have to do something else. I've been walking a lot but this time I am going to take really giant clumsy steps and no one can stop it.
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Hello from London Fashion Week.
Least I get out of school.
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Gee, it sure is nice to be back in England just in time to miss summer back home.
I'm jumping for joy.
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Almost time to go back to stuuuuuuuuuuupid dull boring and useless England.
Gee I am sure excited. My sister will even be near. I'll be forced to see her. Because Mum said I have to.

I hate England.
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Well my step dad Jack has Elvis hair.
On another planet I'd say it was hot but he's my step dad so that's ten kinds of disturbing.

In other news we went to the beach today because there are loads of white sharks now.
It was all Jake's idea really, and he nearly died because Avery jumped off the boat.
Dad wasn't delighted by that either, but he got a great picture of this shadow under Avery and Avery's all grinning like the stupid idiot he is.

Home's nice though. Quiet without Elizabeth although the twins make up for the lack of noise by producing their own noise.
They're not so bad.
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This is weird.
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I didn't get blown up.
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Oh yes ooo ahh look at the drooling, smelly baby with spit up down her front!
Look at how she can gag on her hands and hit people!

WHEN IS SHE GOING HOME? We're not her family. She's a freak of nature! HER MOTHER IS A DEAD LADY!!!

If I hear her cry one more time I am going to stay with my grandparents.
All babies are stupid.
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Now I am home. Except it's not really home, it's just the house in London so it's semi-home. Like a helicopter landing pad.
So here I am. There's a baby who is noisy and never shuts up and I hope Mum's aren't the same way.
Not even Bess was that loud.

But she's that loud now.

It'll be nice to dump her here in London. Maybe she'll never come back again.

I almost took a nap but the baby kept squealing.
My computer hates the wireless.

I am going to go into the city.
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I'm bored with school.
I hate Dominik.

I'm going to stuff illegal drugs in Georgie's socks.
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